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All of athletes fighting - oil facility

Our oil facility hope athletes can make brilliant achievements, as far as the optimization of our grain and oil equipment, so that all athletes eat on be at ease of edible oil. We also want to learn constantly fighting spirit like athletes, and strive to our   equipment to be number 1.

Fu Yuanhui earned a bronze in the women’s 100 meters swimming in Rio. And the swimmer gaining notoriety not just for her performance in the pool, but her animated out of the water. Fu has been quite boisterous in her post race interviews, and even mentioned that she has been using prehistoric powers in Rio. She has been a hit on social media, as a result of her eccentric personality, and exaggerated facial expressions. Her online profile has grown considerably, as she went from 100,000 followers on her Weibo account to more than 2.7 million in just two days.

Our oil machine company hopes all of athletes can get a good mark in this race.