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Common Oil Refining Processing Technology

Edible vegetable oil production facility  technology can be divided into: general edible oil refining, high class dible oil refining, special oil refining, the oil refining process in accordance with the purposes and quality requirement of oil products.

General edible oil refining processing:

Crude oil - filter oil - alkali refining and deacidification - water scrubbing - vacuum drying - first level cooking oil

High class edible oil refining processing:

1, High class cooking oil and the secondary level salad oil refining process: crude oil - oil filter - degumming - deacidification - vacuum drying - decoloring - filter - refined cooking oil products

2, Refined buffet oil refining processes: crude oil - oil filter - degumming - deacidification - vacuum drying - decoloring - filtration - deodorization - degrease - first level salad oil

Special oil refining processing:

Crude oil - Oil filter - degumming - deacidification - dehydration - decoloring - filter - hydride - second decolorizing - filter - fractionation - deodorization - special oil

Soybean oil, peanut oil and sesame oil are common in the life , if quality of raw materials is good, oil processing technology is reasonable, the quality of crude oil is good, beneficial fatty acids content is generally lower than 2%, easily refined.

Crude soybean oil, peanut oil and sesame oil refining process:

Filter curde oil - preheating - hydration - static settlement - separation - Hydrated degumming oil - dry - roughcast edible oil

Operating conditions: the filtered curde oil with impurity is less than 0.2%, hydration temperature is 90-95 degrees, water addition is 3-3.5 times of crude oil colloid content, hydration time is 30 to 40 minutes , settling separation time is four hours, the drying temperature is not lower than 90 degrees, operating absolute pressure is 4.0 kpa, if refining crude oil with solvent, desolventizing temperature is about 160 degrees , Operating pressure is less than 4.0 kpa, desolventizing time for 1 to 3 hours.