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Cost-effective oil production facility

The first step oil production facility  is added to the oil tank leaching, and to let the extraction equipment can smoothly feed start leaching work. After put into the leaching tank, you need to use fresh solvent for grease soaked, so that the solvent extraction equipment among fat-soluble. Then you can start oil extraction equipment leaching work, after leaching leaching equipment to complete the work, but also oil and solvent extraction equipment out of work, so that the grease and solvents separated.

These are the specific batch leaching process on the device to work, according to the process of extraction equipment to be able to operate to ensure the quality of oil processing more outstanding.

At the time of leaching processing equipment, will use a large number of solvent extraction equipment. Solvent extraction equipment quality is excellent for the quality of oil extraction equipment leaching influence is very large, but in fact just the device for the extraction and processing of oil is still not out of the direct consumption of these fats because a large number of solvent extraction equipment.

For these mixed oils of solvent extraction equipment, we should adopt what kind of method for recycling it?

In fact, these are mixed in the oil solvent extraction equipment for the harm to human health is quite large, because these solvents are not real food, if eaten directly, then harmful to human health hazards. Therefore, we need to do a good job recycling of oil in the solvent extraction equipment. Usually recovery from oil extraction equipment in most cases the solvent by freezing method of cooling is recovered, which is condensed by cooling so that formation of the mixed solvent vapor, thereby efficiently recovering the solvents.

However, the solvent extraction equipment and can not be fully recovered by this method clean, thus leaving a small amount of solvent in oil, but a small amount of solvent which does not affect humans.

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