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Oil facility revolution would mean for oil machine

With the development of science and technology , Physical squeezing oil is obtained our ancestors discovered that , the demand for oil increases, the traditional method of obtaining oil have gradually been replaced by oil production facility. Oil extraction equipment is commonly used to obtain the current enterprise The method of crude oil, the oil extraction equipment What are the advantages and disadvantages of it?

Look at the advantages of legal extraction equipment extraction of oil: Leaching legal oil has a low residual meal (high oil), low labor intensity, good working environment, good quality meal. Look disadvantage of leaching of oil extraction equipment: How much oil may contain residual solvent and harmful; the nutritional value of oil destroyed a large, almost no nutrition.

Although oil extraction device has some shortcomings, but compared to the press law, leaching legal oil is a highly effective method of oil, which is also the reason oil production enterprises welcome device. With advances in technology, and strive to various oil equipment manufacturers and technical personnel, leaching legal oil will further improve in the future leaching legal oil will be more advanced, the advantage will be more.

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