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Oil facility including what equipment

Oil production facility on the production line, including what equipment.We often say that large-scale oil refining production line equipment, then the production line which specific basic equipment contains it, the following is a brief introduction about refining equipment.

Oil extraction equipment: Crushing, press, rolling machine embryo, steam boilers, steam pan, oil pump, oil filter, oil refining cylinder elevator equipment and other ancillary equipment.

Refining equipment: acid-base reaction tanks, centrifuges, vacuum deodorization equipment, bleaching tank, supporting pipes, tanks, pumps and the like.

Affect the quality of refined oil, first of all have to understand the production process or pressing process or leaching process, relatively pure oil press, refined in taste and color are better, but the content of glue, wax, etc. Some of the larger, refining degumming, deacidification , bleaching and other processes are more stringent, in which the refining process additives, aid will be subject to quality and temperature of the oil.

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