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Process technology of Oil facility with low consumption

All process before oil facility is called oilseeds pretreatment,for example,measuring, staging, cleaning in removing impurity, shelling. Crushing, separation, drying, softening, flaking and steaming and roastoring,etc.all the oil process belong to the category of oilseeds pretreatment。Selection of oil pretreatment process relate to oilseeds varieties, ways of extracting oil, product quality indicators and other factors.There are many plants to choose,even if the same oilseeds or similar method of extracting oil can also have different way of oilseeds pretreatment. But basic oil process has something in common. According to the different process of extracting oil,match with different process of oilseeds pretreatment.

After oilseeds pretreatment section,the oilseeds has less impurity,lower fines content,With particle of uniform diameter and Protein denaturation degree meets the requirement of subsequent processing. Simple and reasonable process flow, equipment matching and strong adaptability.


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