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Victory for oil production facility manufacturer

Oil production facility operates steps: cleaning stone process: in order to effectively achieve the cleaning effect, ensure good operating environment and production stability, and improve product quality, to clean up the screen size with high efficiency in the process of complex vibration configuration; suction gravity destoner removal and shoulder stone and mud side by side; configuration without power to remove magnetic separator iron impurities; configuration of dust collecting system for rolling process.: rolling is a certain size of rapeseed is pressed into thin slices, in the leaching process, the raw material of oil in the shortest possible time, the maximum extraction of residual oil in meal, which is less than 1%. of cooking process: cooking is rolling the embryo of rapeseed wet heating, cooking oil. In order to facilitate the separation. The oil supply pre press machine. Simple operation and long service life. Press process: press is a continuous screw press, the oil content of more suitable for planting Material oil.

The pressed cake is loose but not crushed, is conducive to solvent penetration, oil content and moisture of the cake is suitable for leaching. The layout of the workshop is reasonable, simple and intuitive material process; process characteristics: washing process in the process of using short mixing and method of equipment with the combination of long mixing, effectively ensure the washing effect waste clay; oil bleaching section filter with high vertical leaf filter, the utility model has the advantages of convenient operation, continuous operation, low labor intensity, environmental conditions, waste clay in residual oil less. Due to the stirring mode correctly, reduce the maximum distance between the oil and the cooling surface, to ensure the oil in isomorphous crystals isothermal crystallization process. The crystal is not in the fixed area assembled into blocks, uniform crystallization;

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