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Loop type extractor

Loop type extractor is driven by the blade material embryo operate within the annular housing one week to complete a shallow layer of material leaching process, hybrid, efficient and versatile extraction equipment.
Loop type extractor has Crown-Ⅱ type Crown-Ⅲ type two. The former material from above into the embryo, but also out of a wet meal from above, higher equipment utilization Ⅲ type, generally suitable for small and medium sized oil refinery, which uses the above feed, following discharge, less material embryo downtrend resistance, unloading meal well, five bypass the problem, generally used in medium and large-scale oil refinery.
The loop type extractor structure:

The loop type extractor generally consists of material sealing auger, keep bins and material level controller, removable tank leaching, ring towline parts, V-shaped grate grate low, mixed oil circulating pump (6-8 sets) and spray part of the head (10-16 sets)and the drive means and the like. In operation, the material from the material sealed embryos feed auger uniform material level box by the controller to adjust the material sealed material level position (0.8-1.5m). Meanwhile, driven by the towline frame material embryo ring a week in order to complete feed, leaching, wash and drain, and a meal and other countercurrent leaching process.

Technical parameters:

1, drag chain line speed 0.25-1.2m/min;
2, blank filling coefficient 0.80-0.95;
3, V type grate gate low gap width 0.8-1.2mm;
4, the main leaching stage leaching time 20-60min;
5, cyclone separator for the removal of fine slag mixed in the oil, must maintain the inlet pressure 0.15-0.25MPa;
6, grate gate low opening rate requirements of greater than 20%;
7,drain period using atmospheric drain dry wet meal, containing soluble 28% - 35%
8, extractor ring for more than the total length of the material layer height (rectangular cross-section height) of 50 times.

The operation points:

1, feeding should be uniform, to prevent local chain segment buildup of too much, the general material height and chain scraper flat or slightly lower;
2, thick mixed oil exports to the cyclone separator and continuous operation of the filter, to maintain frequent and open the valve slag slag;
3, always observe and check into the hopper level fluctuation is, timely correction of material level controller, not failure;
4, pay attention to the control of mixed oil circulating pump flow, the oil bucket to maintain the 1/3 level, so that the upper and the lower pressure balance.