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Towline extractor

Towline extractor taking advantages of ring, crawler, refer to Israel eisen company research and development of new technology and efficient large leacher.Towline extractor main material sealed auger, level-controlled device, the main housing, upper and lower oil collection bucket, upper and lower fixed grid floor, winged rake feed chain belt (2-4) and its transmission system, mixed oil circulating pump (units), sprinkler (13-15), the meal auger, two shutters and comb rods and spin liquid separator discharge end of the other components. Change equipment and sliding gate bottom level is similar leaching bed is a double percolation type extractor.
Liquid wax absorption exhaust system operating points:

1, in the production process, the material layer height can be adjusted at any time, using hydraulic transmission CVT, the operation speed can be adjusted chain belt can be expected according to the embryo and the oil yield index, ready to adjust the amount of processing equipment, smooth and reliable operation;
2, fixed grid with special steel plate, with automatic cleaning effect by mixing oil;
3, using double flip leaching, compact, high extraction efficiency, production elasticity; can adapt to a variety of water even higher (≤14.5%) of flake, granular powder blanks and pre-press cake leaching;
4, and a large shower percolation leaching methods based, high-mix oil concentration, but the leaching time is longer. Francis phenomenon may occur;
5, equipment manufacturing, installation requires high.

The working principle of towline extractor:

when work, embryos made material sealing ground dragon quantitative feeding hopper, through material level controller to form a certain level.Then the belt wing of the chain will form a certain height (0.5-1.3 m) of material bed, by internal friction material effect on the low fixed grid plate to slide forward.Complete counter-current, percolation leaching process.Embryo from the upper to the lower material to realize a flip, and pulp side comb flow stick with a rotation smooth material embryo scarifying ground dragon into a pulp., on lower part of each have three oil collecting bucket, by mixing oil pump spray from circulation in turn;A meal at the bottom end of the bar above the lower plate is equipped with fresh solvent nozzle (2 set);Finally strong mixing oil pumped from the upper 1-2 oil pipe, pump into the liquid rotary separator after filtering points slag to mix oil evaporation system.

Technical parameters:
Project Loop type
Drag chain
Model YJCH360
3000-4000 3000-3800
30-60 30-60
Dimensions/mm 29000
Box main
3600x1200 3600x1600
layer height
700-900 800-1200
Power/kW 30 22
The thickness
of the 
16 10
Height 170 125