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Miscella oil evaporation

Miscella oil evaporation, under atmospheric conditions, if you want to use mixed oil concentration increased to more than 95%, the heating temperature is to more than 142.8%. This will make fat oxidation deterioration, color becomes deeper, affecting the quality of crude oil. Therefore, in the actual production is concentrated by evaporation as a preliminary, and according to actual needs, and further evaporation stages. Generally divided into two stages, namely the so-called: "a steaming 'and' two steam '. Meanwhile, in order to improve the effect of concentration, lowering the temperature of the gas phase, to improve the quality of oil, has been widely adopted system vacuum evaporation technique.
The main factors affecting the Miscella oil evaporation:

1, the impact of operating conditions: the operation process includes mixing the oil inlet temperature, outlet temperature, concentration and flow rate, steam quality.
2, impurities mixed oil: more particularly colloidal impurities impurity-containing proteoglycans can cause flooding, so that the wall form dirt, affecting the normal production of heat damage or even blocked, must be cleared prior to evaporation.
3, the impact of mixed oil evaporation device type structure: General, "a steam" tube length4.5-5m; "two steam" tube length 3.5-4.5m. Indirect steam heating.
4, the operating factors: operational requirements while maintaining a certain level of height in the lower evaporator to ensure stable production.

Miscella oil evaporation technology parameters:
Evaporation condition Atmospheric evaporation vacuum evaporation
One steam Two steam Stripping One steam Two steam Stripping dry
Pressure/kPa Atmospheric pressure Atmospheric pressure Atmospheric pressure 40 60 70-75 85-90
Mixed oil temperature enter/℃ 55-65 80-85 100 45-55 55-60 95-100 95-98
exit/℃ 80-85 95-100 110-115 55-60 95-100 100-105 95-100
Miscella oil concentration enter/% - 60 90-95 - 70-75 90-95 99.5
exit/% ≥60 90-95 99.7 70-75 90-95 99.5 30x10-6
Operating temperature ≥81 95-100 115 60 95-100 105 98
Steam pressure/MPa 0.2-0.3 0.3-0.4 0.15 0.2-0.3 0.2-0.4 0.2-0.4 0.2-0.4