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Tube type stripper

The structure and principle of tube type stripper, 3-4.2m. only in the length of each row tube under the mouth is equipped with a direct steam nozzle (diameter of φ20x2- φ32x2.5); production, strong mixing pump into the back cover, and then open the direct steam gate, began using direct steam injection, negative pressure suction get mixed oil is formed in the annular column tube mouth, direct steam will appear to push oil ring. Side by side mass transfer tube wall heating, prolapse of residual solvent, direct access to the flash phase, the solvent is exhausted from the top. To condense, the device is simple in structure, but the direct steam consumption, but suitable for small scale production, some two steam also used this equipment.
Operating conditions:

1, atmospheric stripping:
Vapor temperature of 105-110 ℃; direct steam pressure 0.15MPa; jacketed steam 0.5-0.6MPa;
2, vacuum stripping:
Vapor temperature of 90-100 ℃; direct steam pressure 0.15MPa: jacket steam 0.4-0.6MPa.

Technical parameters:
Operating Conditions Pressure stripping Vacuum stripping
Stripping tube specifications φ25x2 φ32x2.5 φ25x2 φ32x2.5
Capacity/(kg/h) 65 87 70 93.8
The amount of direct steam/(kg/h) 18 39.4 12 19.7