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ZX18 type oil press

ZX18 type oil press is a kind of auxiliary frying pan with a three layers, the seven squeezer, away from the circle of discontinuous screw axis, and a row of vats chamber cage structure of primary crushing machine.Work material embryos from above after secondary frying pan to adjust hot and humid, make to the expected into the press after the moisture and temperature, squeezing through the feeder in the bore into the press.On vats is expected in the chamber by a pressing process can reach a predetermined dry base oil residue index (5%-7%).Oil from a crack in the vats of cage of extrusion, and with the entrained oil residue into slag ground dragon sent to filter.
ZX18 type oil mill features:

1, divided into secondary crushing, Section 1-2 squeezer as the first level;Section 3 - 7 for the second level.The total compression ratio of 12;
2, squeezer range ring off between intermittent type tooth formation, and away from the circle just to squeeze the scraper on the cage position, turn over the expected to squeeze out the oil effect;
3, low speed (8 r/min), long press (151 s), the machine chamber pressure (70 MPa);
4, 1.5-2 mm squeezer material surface carburizing, quenching hardness requirements R factory after 55 °-62 °.

ZX18 type oil press squeeze a shim thickness (a hot press) /mm
Oilseeds The first section The second section The third section The fourth section
Soybean 1.02-1.15 0.98-1.22 0.30-0.38 0.61-0.81
Cotton seed 1.22 0.61-0.65 0.30-0.50 0.56-0.65
Rapeseed 1.22-1.42 0.91 0.38-0.50 0.61-0.91
Peanut 1.42-1.63 0.91-1.22 0.50-0.61 0.81-0.91
Sesame 1.42-1.80 0.91-1.22 0.50-0.65 0.81-0.91