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Flatbed dryer

Structure: the plate drying machine is composed of a casing, a chain and the scraping bar, 4-8 laminated heating plate clamp is low, transmission device, an exhaust hood, steam system and pipeline valves, instrumentation lights.

Working principle: the use of steam or heat conducting oil as the heat source, indirect heating and thermal radiation and. Material from the feed port into the first layer on a flat plate with drive after scraping strip, controlling the material layer 10-15cm; wire speed 0.8-1.5m/min, and then to the next layer has been to the bottom outlet, reached the dry index. Water vapor discharged from the top.

Drying purposes:

1, make the oil moisture to safe water, the need of safe storage for a long time;
2, meet the needs of the continuous production of supply;
3, reduce weight the needs of the convenient transportation;
4, after finishing the oilseed effect can meet the needs of improving handicraft qualitative, such as conducive to the shell shell of oilseeds separation operation.

Low-temperature drying technology advantages:

1, the drying temperature is low (35-55 ℃), to maintain good quality of materials;
2, broken little less wear and tear;
3, precipitation uniform drying effect, 20% of the material moisture 45-50min dry storage requirements can be achieved;
4, the heating medium temperature is low, high energy efficiency, economy;
5, to facilitate automatic chain control.