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Gravity Stoner

Structure: Gravity Stoner is composed of a feed hopper, a suction pipe, a sieve body, a sieve plate, a discharge port, a stone mouth bar, vibration motor, rack, artificial leather drum etc..

Features: three section sieve classification effect is good; both sides of the setting of motor vibration, smooth operation; should match with another fan, ventilation, power consumption of large investment; negative pressure operation without leakage, workshop hygiene. Can be divided into two kinds of oil the size of new models, for soybean, peanut to stone grading.

The influence factors of gravity stoner

1, raw materials factor: because of raw material impurities, should be in proportion to the stone after the screening, to remove the heavy clutter is better.
2, equipment factors: screen angle in general to 12 ° -14 ° is appropriate. Angle, oilseeds, large flow, but the stone reverse climb resistance, easy cause to stone is endless; small angle will cause the stones in a mixture of oilseeds, also affect the yield.
3, the operation of factors: 
(1) moderate flow control. For narrow screen surface 40-60kg/ (cm.h); wide screen surface60-80kg/ (cm.h); the thickness of the material layer 25-40mm
(2) through the sieve surface average wind speed control in 1.2-1.3m/s.

Operation and maintenance of gravity stoner

1, driving with or without foreign body, drive wheel same sound check before the screen surface and inside the machine to drive it;
2, driving. Such as suction fan should be open, to be operating normally open throttle and start to stone and began feeding;
3, the normal operation. Operating rules by keeping the feed flow evenly, does not exceed 10% of the rated capacity. Note feed hopper feed store doors are not blocked and cleared up;
4, to ensure to stone plate, uniform airflow unobstructed wind deflector;
5, pay attention to the bearing fever cases, regular cleaning, oil changes; timely replacement of worn found.

Gravity stoner common faults and causes

Fault 1: stoner poor results, material from the stone mouth overflow;seals, screen breakage; suction machine is not installed spout seal, light impurities export choke damaged; small hopper or installed backwards;
Cause: The amount of wind too unstable; duct blockage or sieve;
Fault 2: Oil contains many stones;
Reason: Leakage between sieve; sieve small amplitude movement difficult classification; low wind speed hard suspension; material layer is too thick, dip too large;
Fault 3: Local oil by air blowing through;
Cause: cutting uneven flow is small, uneven thickness of the material layer; wind less wind speed is too low.