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Alkali refining acid

Alkali refining acid using alkali neutralization of crude oil in FFA, a method of refining the generation after the separation of soap. Generation of soap has a strong adsorption capacity, can be quite a number of other magazines such as particle, protein, glial, pigment and so on, are separated into the soap and. Relates to alkali refining process includes the selection, dosage of alkali, to determine the optimum process conditions, oil and soap separation technology, ensure that improving the refining rate and reduce oil loss.
Intermittent alkali refining equipment required:

Intermittent alkali refining that pot of smelting, the operation process includes: into the oil, add and subtract (5-10min), stirring and heating (60-30r/min, indirect steam heating requirements per minute to about 1℃temperature increase until the end, about30min) add hot water, static precipitation (6-10h), washing, vacuum drying and soap skimming steps that are completed in the same table alkali refining pot.
Features: low investment, stable and reliable operation, strong adaptability. But the operation cycle length (8-12h), operated by experience, refining loss big, quality is not stable, the relative energy consumption is also large, waste water, generally only suitable for small scale production.

Operation process:

Alkali refining operations in accordance with different concentrations and subtract oil, divided into low temperature concentrated alkali (initial temperature of 20-30 ℃, alkali concentration 20-25 ° Bé, the final temperature of 65 ℃), high temperature light alkali (initial temperature of 75 ℃, alkali concentration 15-16 ° Bé, the final temperature 90-95 ℃). The former, also known as "dry", the most common applications; the latter is mainly suitable acid lowest, pale in color and less impurities in crude oil. "Dry" alkali refining and sometimes can also be wet processing, ie after subtraction in and heated to 60-65 ℃, then stand around 6-8h soap can be released in the bottom of the tank. Then washed with hot water 2-3 times to remove residual soap.

Dry phenomenon occurred during alkali refining reasons:

Dry phenomenon is that when crude oil after adding lye, the oil to form a thick paste-like, severe form of soap shaped like a pot or a pot of micelles, the oil, soap simply can not separate the load increases, bring great difficulties to the operation. The reason for dry phenomenon as follows:
1, the crude oil acid value is too high, very easy to cause the production of soap increase use of high concentration, high alkalinity;
2, poor quality crude oil, deep color, impurities;
3, crude oil, lye concentration tests, measuring error caused by excessive use of alkaline and produce a lot of soap; 
4, water temperature is low or adding excessive water caused serious emulsification.