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Hydration degumming

Hydration degumming is the use of phospholipids and other insoluble impurities hydrophilic gum, a certain amount of water or a dilute electrolyte solution is added to crude oil is mixed, so that the gum can be swelling, formation density is larger than the condensed oil "hydrate", thereby utilizing gravity sedimentation or centrifugation, to achieve separation, purification purposes. In the hydration degumming process can be separated by settling to phospholipid-based, and combined with phospholipids protein, phlegmatic and trace metals and other substances, will also be removed together.
Factors affecting hydration degumming:

1, temperature, generally only equal to or lower than the critical temperature, the colloid can agglomerate;
2, the amount of water, in a certain range, the amount of water, water more, much phospholipid particles full, easy expansion condensation, condensation at this time of high critical temperature;
3, the stirring intensity and mixing time;
4, electrolyte, electrolyte is favorable for improving the stability of hydration effect and grease;
5, the quality of crude oil, which is directly related to the raw oilseed quality and processing technology.

Hydration degumming operating conditions:
Hydration methods Preheating temperature/℃ Hot water(Of phosphorus content ) Final temperature/℃ Speed/(r/min) Application
High temperature hydration 70-80 3.5Times 80-85 - The residue water content, oil less, large energy consumption
In the warm water 40-50 2-3Times 50-60 <40 Hydration is completely,oil foot water more
Low temperature hydration 20-30 0.5-1Times 40-60 70 Low energy consumption, oil foot two recycling quality is poor
Spray of soda 40-50 Heavy oil 3% -4% 80 - Mixing ratio is slightly lower than the high temperature method, oil water